Boogie's Party House                      Athens Alley  " b-tween the Tracks "
                412 N. Prairieville St. Athens, TX 75751


About Us: 

       Nestled somewhere in the north-west corner of Old Town Athens is an intriguing part of our city’s history. The first Henderson County "Coca-Cola" bottling plant, the old Ice House and City Park, Clark’s Feed Store, the original Athens "Buick Dealership", and I believe at least one good “Bordello” with a few good drinking places where ...some cowboys were known to a little gambling. It was located over  where the old Magnolia Oil Company  was, somewhere “B’tween the Tracks”.

      Now, we’re not sure that Bonnie and Clyde hung out in this area when Sheriff Jeff Sweeten was “Hanging” at the B&B Café, But Clyde’s brother had to protect him somehow…..this might have been the place. At least we know that occasionally Willie and Waylon (back when they were a little bit rowdy) did do a little picking at Clark’s Feed store back in the corner near where the coyote pelts were hung. Well, the memories…they still hang there, and the music is still good…but, now I think they  call the place                “Boogie’s - in the Alley”.

     It’s still a fun place to go, and the music and dancing still happens there…although most of it’s private,  …‘cept maybe on some Fridays when they have a public party.  I think you can rent the place tho’ when you want to have your own party.  You ought’a  go on down there and check the place out.

I hear it's a lot of fun!